About WSR

Wyatt Speight Rhue is a Modernist at heart,  inspired by the work of George Nakashima,  Donald Judd,  Brancusi,  the Eames,  and Hans Wegner.  After studying at The Art Institute of Chicago,  an apprenticeship with a craftsmen in Oak Park allowed Speight to appreciate the traditional methods of woodwork and metalwork concentrating on the process of furniture design and use of hand-tools.


A long stint In New York granted Speight the opportunity to work with the best in interior design,  home renovation and furniture making.  Speight considers how the home is used and believes that thoughtful design can enhance how one lives.


"Simplicity is the critical component to good design - the bare essentials that are needed for efficient use.  Every thing else is just extra,  extravagant.  There should be a long lived connection with the furniture that you use.  My furniture should be worn,  it should last for generations,  it should have the users fingerprints embedded in it."   WSR